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Coverage Highlights

Insurance and Specialty Products for Nonprofit Organizations

Coverage Highlights

AmTrust North America understands the unique risks nonprofit organizations face. Our nonprofit specialty program provides targeted coverages to meet the needs of the nonprofit community. No other insurance carrier brings the dedication and experience we have to your nonprofit clients.

AmTrust North America delivers an unbeatable combination of sound coverage, stable pricing and exceptional service to both insureds and agents. It pays to work with people who fully understand nonprofits.

Nonprofit Literature Kit PDF
A compilation of all of the Nonprofit sell sheets.
Nonprofit Organization Coverage
Nonprofit Package Coverage
Nonprofit General Liability Enhancement
Nonprofit Property Coverage Enhancement
Nonprofit Religious Institutions Coverage
Nonprofit Adult Day Services Providers Coverage
Nonprofit Educational Institutions Coverage
Nonprofit Management Liability Coverage
Nonprofit EPL - Who to Contact
Nonprofit Cyber Liability - Who to Contact

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